3 Tips on Making Good First Impressions at Work

Written by Diyanah
25 Aug 2022
5 mins read

We tend to judge a book by its cover.  Don’t we?  Well that's what a first impression is and it’s valuable to anyone especially when you’re at a new job.

Making a good first impression doesn’t mean you are faking or pretending.  It simply means you are showing your best, authentic self whenever meeting people for the first time.

You don’t want to risk starting a relationship badly.  Neither do you want to be misunderstood.  Let’s look at some tips on putting your best foot forward.

1. Be Punctual

Come in on time, or perhaps, even a few minutes early.  Punctuality shows respect and courtesy for the other party.  It sends a message that you are responsible and capable.

Anticipate extra time to accommodate the possibility of traffic delays, weather conditions and parking spots.  When you have a few extra minutes, you get to touch up your make up and check your appearance.  Gain your composure before reporting for duty.

Improving your timekeeping will bring multifold benefits to your personal and professional life.

2. Dress Appropriately

Dress code varies by workplace. Be sure to ask about the office dress code and observe the employees for you to plan what to wear.

You might not need to wear a suit but you should still have a neat and professional appearance - especially when you’re only starting out.  Nothing ripped or showing too much skin.  The same goes for remote working.  If you’re comfortable in your sweatpants, just make sure they’re not visible while you’re on camera.

3. Listen Actively

You may be nervous and keep thinking what to say next to someone you just met.



Listening with intent shows that you are willing and eager to learn.  Don’t get distracted.

Your ability to listen will get you a long way and get noticed.  Give your undivided attention and acknowledge the message.  Nod occasionally and ask specific questions about what they have just said to clarify.  It shows respect and understanding.

It’s a best practice to actively listen and take notes while you’re at it.  Start early and set up good habits for the future.

Let’s summarize

Initial judgments may be right or wrong.  It’s just the way our brain makes sense of information in a matter of seconds.  Therefore, it’s our job to make those seconds count.

After all, you don't get a second chance to make a good first impression!

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