3 Beginner UIUX Design Books Every Design Must Read To Fully Understand

Written by laman7
17 Aug 2022
2 mins read

As designers, your job is to make sense of the abstract data and somehow magically transform them into visuals. Sounds like a tough job? It is.

There are plenty of books on Design, however, there aren't many books that specifically talk about website design and UIUX design.

Here are 3 beginner UIUX Design Books that you should consider.

Don't Make Me Think

Though this book was published in 2013, it is still relevant to this day.

Key Takeaway: If you want to really improve your design, focus on your users.

Think First

Joe Natoli invites you to think ahead before starting any design app. This ensures that you capture all the context before proceeding to design.

Refactoring UI

A quick read book to get you into UI. It's more of a rule book. As they say "before you can bend the rules, learn the rules first".


As designers, we can't only steal inspiration from others. That strategy won't last long. In order for you to step up your game, you need to read these beginner UIUX design books.

If you ever need to argue with your boss, co-worker, you have solid logical reasons by pointing toward these 3 books.

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