Helping the World
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Work Culture at Laman7.

We Grow Together.

We are big on learning culture. Our system includes learning modules and scheduled sharing sessions to further enhance our skills.

Going Green with Remote.

We have been on remote working conditions since the pandemic and never looked back. We have invested in tools and systems to help with efficient remote working.

Boss is Not Always Right.

When you join us, you're one of the Sevens. As Sevens you are welcome to propose anything that you find useful.

Shared Profits.

Handsome rewards on high performance. Employees are given detailed plans and clear targets on how to do this. We also do yearly trips in Malaysia.

Balanced Lifestyle.

Unlike typical marketing agencies where you have to do long hours, Laman7 places high importance on work-life balance. None of that "Hustle Life" and burn out BS.

Want to Grow Your Talent?

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