Giving Back to Community Through Industrial Training

Our internship programmes are open all-year.

Why Intern at Laman7?

We are big on learning culture. Our system includes learning modules and scheduled sharing sessions to further enhance our skills.
  • Work on real projects, learn how professionals
  • Learn new skills based on your position
  • Mentored by superior with 15-20 years experiences
  • Opportunity to work with prestigious clients (great for your portfolio)
  • Monthly allowance

Secure a Job Offer

Internship is one of the way we welcome new hires. If you make the cut, you'll get a job offer. In the beginning, we'll let you know clearly on how you can make the cut. 

Apply through available positions:
Find Available Positions

Laman7 Culture

Learn about our culture, and what does it mean to work here.
Our Culture

Want to Grow Your Talent?

Apply at Laman7
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